Provider Lookup

Provider Lookup

Your Lee Health Care Partners plan comes with two different network tiers

Tier 1: Lee Healthcare Partner Providers

Tier 1 is your preferred tier. It consists of Lee Health Care providers and partners only and comes with lower deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket maximum.

Tier 2: Other Network Providers

Tier 2 is accessible by one of two network partners: First Health Complementary or PHCS. Check the back of your ID card to see which of these partners you have.

  • Look at your ID Card and determine which Tier 2 logo is shown: First Health Complementary or PHCS
  • Follow the steps for your specified Tier 2 network provider look up

First Health Complementary

If you have First Health Complementary with your plan, check that the First Health Complementary logo is shown on your ID card


If you have PHCS with your plan, check that the PHCS logo is shown on your ID card